JIW & CW/CE Courses

We have continuing education classes for Journeyman (JIW), Construction Wireman (CW) & Construction Electrician (CE). Call the AustinETA at 512-389-3024 for any additional questions or to register for a class. There are a total of eight (8) courses required for advancement for CW/CE classifications and each will be offered approximately twice per year (about six (6) months apart).

NOTE: Courses may be taken out of sequence and ahead of schedule.

Blueprint Reading

This course covers Residential, Commercial and Industrial print sets, including electrical theory, circuit analysis, techniques used in residential wiring and reading electrical blueprints.   The following topics will be covered:  electrical safety, tools of the trade, blueprint reading, branch circuit calculations, load calculations, wiring devices, and GFCI and AFCI.


Code Calculations

Covers the calculations and formulas needed to determine conductor ampacity, adjustment, correction factors, box and conduit fill, overcurrent and overload protection sizes, and much more. An excellent course for those readying to take a Journeyman or Master Level Exam. Course requires a 2014 NEC code book.



Teaches participants the organization behind the NEC and how to quickly locate information within the Code. This course is great for those wishing to take a Journeyman or Master Level Exam, as well as for those just learning how to use the Code Book.

Upcoming Codeology classes


Conduit Bending

Designed to cover bending techniques for EMT and Rigid/IMC. Participants will use hand, mechanical (Chicago style) and hydraulic benders, as well as hand and power threading equipment.

Upcoming Conduit Bending classes


DC Theory

Covers the concepts behind magnetism and electricity, resistance, voltage, current flow, and power in series, parallel and combination circuits.




Electrical Motor Controls

This course covers control fundamentals incorporating control relays, contractors and motor starters, as well as an introduction to solid state motor controls.


Electrical Systems

Covers branch circuits and feeders, wiring of devices, etc. This course is based on the 2014 NEC.




Industrial Motor Controls

Teaches theory and hands on wiring of three wire controls, as well as symbols and ladder diagrams. Covers basic lighting controls too.


Journeyman Masters Prep



This course introduces the principles of photovoltaics, including the basics of safety, the electrical basics of solar PV systems, and how modules are designed and combined with other system components.



This course covers transformer theory and connection.